Analog Booth Types

Video Simplex booths comply with high quality standards of design and manufacturing, especially in the areas of aesthetics, ergonomics, craftsmanship and electronic assembly.


Any booth can easily be converted to the Single or Quad configurations with minimal additional cost since all of the cabling and booth electronics are already in place, requiring only the addition of MUX boards. click on Booth Configurations to download our 2011 design catalog.

Multifunction Preview Booth

With the flick of a switch the clerk can change a regular arcade booth into a preview booth. Now the clerk can play the movie of the customer’s choice from your existing store inventory in the special preview DVD player located at the sales counter. A fast forward only button will allow the customer to speed through uninteresting scenes. Preview booths can also be configured with a Multi Function DVD Touch Pad which gives the customer full control of all DVD functions. Fast-Forward, Rewind, Pause, Menu and more.

Buddy Booths

Buddy booths are designed to allow two customers in two separate booths to watch movies together without actually being in the same booth together, Buddy booths consist of two booths that are located next to each other. Mounted in the wall separating the two booths is a tempered glass that is normally closed so that they cannot see through it. To make the window active both customers must insert money and press their curtain up/down buttons to activate it. The window closes when either customer’s time has expired.