Movie Channel Management

The Channel Management program is located on the desktop of the main ripper computer. The purpose of the program is to provide the user the ability to monitor, report activity and assign movies to channels for customer viewing. The process can be either done manually or automatically based on set options on the configuration screen.

A walk through of the process is as follows:

The initial system is preloaded with 100 to 200 movies prior to installation depending on the requirements of the store. This allows for the system to be fully operational at the time our installation personnel leave.

A normal store movie change scenario would be to change out 35 new movies per week. If you change movies every Monday you would insert the 35 movies 4 at a time into the ripper computer on the first Monday following system installation. Depending on movie lengths the process of adding 35 movies takes about 2 hours and can be done all at once or over several days. On the following Monday the movies have been processed and you are ready to change the first 35 movies.

Accessing the Channel Management program you will find that it will indicate that the 35 movies entered the previous Monday are ready for transfer. By pressing the Auto Assign button the movies will be (depending on Marquee size set in the configuration settings) assigned automatically to the first 35 least watched movies in the preset Marquee size. Depending on if you want to keep the reassigned movies (to build more available channels) or have them deleted is optional.

A printable list of the movies moved into the Marquee is then printed out and after putting the movie boxes in the listed channel number order you are ready to change out the Marquee with the new box covers. Just remove the assigned channel numbers currently being switched and then replace with the newly assigned box covers.

The Auto Assign feature can also change out the new movies based on genre as well as viewing popularity. The options in the configuration settings of the Channel Management program are preset but can be changed to meet each customer’s individual needs.

The movie stats for the week can be printed locally and/or be automatically emailed to designated personnel.