The newest addition to the Video Simplex family of adult arcade products is the Digital Video on Demand System.

Using the latest high-speed gigabit networking products we are able to provide a practically unlimited number of High Quality Digital channels to your booths. Current available systems run from 100 to 500 channels and are only limited by your imagination.

NO MORE DVD PLAYERS to repair and keep clean!


The most amazing feature of the VOD system is the TILEDPLAYER.

Every channel can be watched in its entirety on one LCD TV. By pressing the play button on the touchpad the movie is instantly broken in to 16 cells of live video action. The beginning of the movie is in the top left and the end of the movie is on the bottom right. By moving the highlighted cursor with the touch control pad, customers are able to go directly to the action packed scenes they are looking for. In addition FAST FORWARD and REWIND from 2x up to 32x is available at anytime.

Traditional channel up/down and stereo volume up/down buttons are also conveniently located on the touch panel for the customer.

In addition, the traditional Quad screen on a separate TV has been incorporated into the VOD system. Three smaller display boxes on the right side of the main screen allow viewing of channels separate from the larger main screen. The customer has a swap button for each allowing the smaller picture to be swapped with the main screen.

Kiosk Enclosure

One 27” or 42” Wide screen High definition TV (720p/1080p)

Secure, Alarmed and modular separate bill acceptor enclosure will secure a single 700 bill Mars bill acceptor and booth electronics. The bill acceptor is in its own secure enclosure inside of the TV enclosure with differently keyed locks so a service technician can service items in the kiosk without having access to the bill acceptor. Alarm is active for the TV door as well as the bill acceptor enclosure.

Cabinets for 27” TV’s will fit existing 3’ or wider booths. The money can be removed from the front or the back.

Buddy Booths

Buddy booths are designed to allow two customers in separate booths to watch movies together without actually being in the same booth together. Buddy booths consist of two booths that are located next to each other. Mounted in the wall separating the two booths is a double glass window that is normally closed so they cannot see through it. To make the window visible, both customers must insert money to activate their booths and then press the buttons to activate the window. The window closes when either customer’s time expires or when the cancel button is pressed. You can automatically charge more money per minute when the buddy curtain function is activated!

Multifunction Preview and Arcade booth

Customers select a DVD or Blu-Ray disk from your retail area and watch it in one of the Multifunction arcade booths. It is like renting a movie but not leaving the store with the disk. They may not have a Blu-Ray player at home or maybe their family wouldn’t appreciate pops watching porno in the living room. The clerk can switch a multifunction from arcade to preview by clicking a button on his display. The clerk inserts the disk into the corresponding player and the customer goes to the assigned booth and inserts the required money to begin viewing. Customer has full control of all the player functions –ff, rew, pause, chapter, scene selection etc., like he is using the remote at home. When time runs out, he is prompted to insert more money to continue viewing. Our 27” TV kiosks and Mini Theaters can be made into multifunction preview booths. The Mini Theaters give the customer the best experience for his money by showing on a HD 42” TV. With internet access provided to the Blu-Ray player (optional) the customer will also have access to special disk functions which will keep him in the booth longer – boosting your profits!


Our systems are not Server-Centered. Instead, they have the storage and processing distributed among the booths. Advantages to this configuration are increased channel capacity, increased system processing power (to prepare movies for viewing faster) and increased reliability from catastrophic system failure. All media storage drives come with a non prorated 5 year manufacturer warranty. In a Server-Centered system a problem with the server will affect all your booths, and as a result you may see customers leave your store dissatisfied with the experience. With our system, should there be a problem with one booth, the rest of the booths will continue working normally, since they are not tied to and reliant on a single server.

Self-Diagnostics Software

Proprietary software provides system status reports as well as constant email notification of all system related status. All aspects of the system are monitored and an email is sent prior to a problem becoming serious enough to cause a booth to malfunction. This enables you to be proactive in keeping the system operating at peak performance and customer satisfaction!

Remote Alarm Box

A remote alarm display and buzzer can be used to notify management and the clerk of unauthorized bill acceptor access as well as weather a person is in the booth for too long without inserting money. A Kiosk door locked sensor can be enabled or disabled for situations that require the door to be locked prior to watching a movie. The bill acceptor can be disabled if the door is not locked.

System Management

I-Button management system for employees and customers: With an I-Button reader in each booth, cleaning personnel can turn on a cleaning light (optional) and generate a record of each time that the booth is serviced for management. The system will also indicate the number of times the booth has been used between cleaning.

Buttons assigned to managers can have the alarm automatically muted while removing the money. Touching his key to the reader when money is removed will provide an audit trail of who accessed the bill acceptor and when. This also enables us to track money in real time for more accurate reports. An email can also be generated to specific individuals each time the bill acceptor is accessed. Money reports can also be automatically generated by daily shift and weekly for email to appropriate individuals to ensure that the correct amount of money is collected and deposited.

I-Butttons assigned to VIP customers allow them to see only movies in there genre selections and preferences.

Automated Movie Loading and Management

New movies can automatically be assigned to new channels by genre, marquee size or randomly. The least watched movies are replaced and either moved as new additional channels or deleting the least popular movies not in the marquee size set.

Movie reports by genre, such as number of channels, time watched, average time can either be printed or emailed automatically.