Live Girl Fantasy Booths

Live girl booths consist of two booths separated by a dual glass window with a curtain between the panes (or electronic glass). The dancers’ side has an Ibutton reader with display which connects to a bill acceptor enclosure on the customer side. Each dancer is issued an Ibutton which she uses to activate the bill acceptor on the customer side. After talking with the customer she goes into her secure booth and waits for the customer to insert money.

On the customer side is located a bill acceptor which he inserts money into. This activates the curtain for a set amount of time. It can also turnoff an interior light and activate a ceiling fan if installed.

A secure tip slot is conveniently located on the wall which allows a direct tip to the dancer.

The customer is notified by a display his remaining time and can insert additional money. A hands free communication system between the dancer and the customer allows them to talk during the show.

Reports are generated at the end of each dancers shift which calculate her payout after the house fee is deducted.