Video Simplex is a complete in-house manufacturer. We custom design, custom build, and troubleshoot the entire arcade system that is suited to your needs. We only use top quality pre-manufactured components (bill acceptors, VCPs, TV monitors, and other electronics) and we stand 100% behind the products we manufacture by offering a full 2-year warranty on them.

Computer Aided Design

Video Simplex has been successfully using Computer Aided Design (CAD) to design and engineer its booths and systems. This dynamic approach in design allows for more flexibility, efficiency, accuracy, and lower cost, all of which eventually benefit our clients.


This is where the booth and cabinet designs turn into reality. With an expert team of carpenters and all the right tools in place, the results are nothing less than superb.


All manufacturing is subject to defects at one time or another, so it is important to catch them early. No system ever ships before being exhaustively tested by our Quality Control staff. Although we purchase some of the best pre-manufactured bill acceptors, we thoroughly test their performance before we incorporate them in our systems.

Electronics Assembly

We put a lot of faith and trust in our assemblers, and for a good reason: The better the assembly, the less troubleshooting needed later, the higher the productivity, the lower the final cost.