Turnstile Systems

Our turnstile system can be used to regulate customer access to Theater rooms and/or Video Arcades running on a continuous basis without bill acceptors at each kiosk.

A turnstile with a bill acceptor allows customers to directly insert money and enter on a one time basis. Customers can also get a reusable Ibutton which (for a higher fee) can be “charged up” at a charge-up station which has a bill acceptor. This method allows the customer unlimited access through the turnstile(s) for a set period of time. Usually 24 hours. The customer touches the Ibutton to the reader located at the charge-up station, inserts money and he is ready to go touch his Ibutton to the reader at the turnstile!

Multiple turnstiles, for example one for the Arcade and one for the Theater, can allow the customer to choose either one and insert money right at the bill acceptor located at the turnstile for one time access. Using the Ibutton method he can decide if he wants to purchase time for the Arcade, Theater or both with in/out privileges. The system allows you to charge varying amounts for his purchase and regulate the amount of time he can have in/out privileges.

A managers Ibutton is used for the removal of money from the bill acceptor. The manager touches his button to the reader located at each bill acceptor and the time and amount of money is logged as well as clearing the money counter for each bill acceptor. Reports can be generated locally showing the expected dollar amount from each bill acceptor.. Email notification of daily and weekly income can be automatically sent to management personnel.

A clerk and janitor Ibutton can be issued to individuals for access through the turnstile(s) to keep track of the time they enter.

Each bill acceptor enclosure has its own alarm which can be displayed to the clerk and email notifications can be sent to management personnel in the event of unauthorized access.